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My approach to Weddings, Receptions, Events, and Parties is as if it’s my own.When I meet with clients I simply try to get to know them and connect. So I can get a feel for their personality, music tastes, and their own vision for their big day. This helps me know how to plan months in advance and what direction to take to set the vibe for the evening. Essentially, I want the couple and the guests to have fun, and I, of course, will have fun right along with them. Feeding off each other’s energy helps make it a memorable night!


Music has always been a part of my life. It is my passion, my joy, my escape, my happiness. I started DJ’ing small house parties in 2000 and did a few weddings for friends. I started running sound for a blues tribute band here in Dallas. The bass player DJ’d weddings and asked me to work with him. I met Richard McClure in ’07/’08 and he brought me on as a DJ for A Very Special Day. It took off from there!

I work in the medical field during the day and DJ by night!

I take a very professional approach to the business but it is never “work” for me.


Like I said before, I love music. It makes me happy. When I am not DJ’ing an event, you can find me watching live music, country dancing, and doing karaoke. That’s right…Karaoke. I love to sing, always have. There is a neighborhood tavern we go to in Richardson. You can find me hosting a show there from time to time. It’s way for me to let loose, see my friends and have a laid back night. It is also a great way to see me live and in person!

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